During the operating life, rotating machines suffers gradual deterioration in their condition and performance due to wear and tear caused by friction between moving parts on the machines. Increase in machine wear is always accompanied by increase in vibration level, which therefore can be used as index of machine condition. If the machine is allowed to run on without corrective measures being taken, vibration levels will increase with time at increasing rate until a stage is reached where the machine fails completely. Monitoring vibration levels on machines such as Fans, Blowers, Pumps, Cooling Towers and Turbines which has to be operated continuously will help to detect increase in vibration levels that are likely to result in machine failure, so that a programmed shut down may be carried out for maintenance. PG701 series of Vibration Transmitters are designed to monitor the vibration levels of the above mentioned rotating machines. The 4-20Ma signal being proportional to the “G” level can be connected directly to the monitoring device such as a PLC, else customized display devices & data logging system, can be provided by us.