The Weighbridge SLW Series are heavy duty weighing systems specially designed for bulk carriers, manufacturing units and transit interfacers dealing with trucking freight. The maintenance-free systems are optimally designed for better stability, repeatability and zero temperature drift in operating condition. The entire platform and structural frame work is fabricated with mild steel of high tensile strength. The load cells are hermetically sealed {IP-68 standards} for applications in rugged, wash-down environments. They are also compensated for a wide temperature range to suit harsh weather conditions. The Lorry Weighbridge is also available with digital load cells for easier corner adjustments & calibration.

Lorry weighbridge or truck weighbridge is generally supplied to weigh
– incoming and out going trucks in process industries.
– as public weigh bridges
– As a system for truck loaders for filling cement, fly ash and other bulk packed materials.
We also offer you complete unmanned solution and in motion weighbridges.