IPA Accelerometer utilizes the spring-mass system for generating a force proportional to the amplitude of the input acceleration to the base of the system. Force is applied to the piezoelectric (PE) element made of leadzirconate –titan ate (PZT) material that produces a charge output proportional to the force. The PE material is self-generating and does not require an external power source.
Our Accelerometers  are single ended compression (SEC) design, which provides high sensitivity and high resonant frequency. A special type of base construction is used to minimize effects of base strain, which makes the device useful for reliable low signal level measurements. The Piezoelectric Accelerometer construction is entirely of stainless steel. It carries standard 10-32 UNF miniature connector for output connection and is suitable for application in low-level vibration measurements at frequencies down to 0.1 Hz in laboratory and industrial environments.These accelerometers are best suited for vibration analysis in harsh industrial environments.