A load cell is  a transducer that converts force or load into usable electrical signal. The primary mechanical element develops a strain as the load cells is loaded and this strain is transferred through the  strain guages that are bonded on to this mechanical element  The output electric signal is in Milli volts. There are normally four strain guages that are bonded in the Wheatstone bridge configuration. Strain Guage based load cells are passive transducer i.e. it does not generate its own signals and have to be excited with an external voltage commonly referred as the excitation voltage. The output of the load cell is proportional to the load and the excitation voltage.

 IPA has pioneered the development of loadcells in India. Today we are a leading manufacturer of loadcells. We have our own in-house machining center and have total quality control on the process.

We manufacture loadcells from under 1 kg to a 1000Tonnes.. Based on various applications, below you find a few of our standard loadcells. Our loadcells are made of Aluminium, EN-24 and 17-4pH steel. If you are looking for a loadcell which is not in the list below, do contact us and we would be more than happy to develop the same for you or provide you with an equivalent design. We can supply special loadcells in low volumes at competitive prices

  • Binocular Load Cell

  • Button Type Load Cell

  • Compression Load Cell

  • Column Load Cell

  • Tension Load Cell

  • Double Shear Load Cell

  • Single Shear

  • Double Ended Shear Beam

  • Rope Tension

  • Universal Load cell

  • Double ‘S’ Load Cell