Movement of bulk material is an essential feature in modern industrial processes. The simplest and fastest mode of transportation of such material is to convey them over a moving belt. In this operation the precise weighing of material, as it moves, has assumed a key role in process industries. Hence weigh feeder is a closed loop control system in which a precise control can be had over the flow of materials, which has indicating, totalizing and controlling instruments and circuits.

The Weigh Feeder is a custom engineered equipment that finds application in continuous bulk proportioning of solids. This gravimetric feeder is operated by a closed loop control system enabling feeding at a controlled rate and exercises precise control over rate of flow based on a micro controller.

The system is capable of accepting external signals from other controllers or from the process computer, depending on the extent of plant instrumentation. These gravimetric feeders are in operation in steel, cement, fertilizer and chemical industries. Each system consists of control and local panels, load cells to measure the instantaneous load, a digital tacho to sense the speed of the belt and a belt feeder conveyor shaft is driven by an AC motor coupled through the gear box.