The system finds extensive use in process industries where monitoring the quantity of materials coming out after completion of a process, especially where materials like powder, granules etc. are used, which comes out at a very low rate, say in the order of under 5T per day or lesser. It is extensively used in the tea industry.

The system consists of a buffer hopper and a weigh hopper both provided with gates. The weigh hopper is mounted on loadcells. These loadcells are connected to an indicator where the set value can be entered. As soon as the weight in the weigh hopper achieves the set value, the buffer hopper gate closes and the weigh hopper gate opens to discharge the weighed quantity of material on to a down stream process line. The electronic indicator registers the exact quantity of material.

As soon as the weigh hopper becomes empty, the gate closes and the buffer hopper gate opens and the process continues.