A135A1 is a 3-½ digit, panel-mounting indicator capable of reading upto a maximum of 1999 for an input of 15mV DC with a sensitivity of 10 mV/division. It is compatible with strain gauge based transducer like loadcells, Pressure Transducers, Torque Transducers etc., which have 350 ohms bridge resistance. It can support a maximum of four transducers when connected in parallel. The system provides a very stable power supply of 10V DC for excitation of the transducers. It consists of a differential amplifier to amplify the signal from the transducers. The circuitry is based around an Analog to Digital converter (ADC). The ADC drives a 7-segment, 13mm height LED display. The system provides an output of 0-10V corresponding to the applied load. OR The system provides a current output of 4-20mA corresponding to load applied.