IPA has today joined hands with Straightpoint UK, who has a similar experience of 30 years in the field of weighing and are the world leaders in the design and manufacture of wide range of force measurement products. Straightpoint manufactures products like Radio Link, Load Link plus, Jumbo weigher…. Striaghtpoints products are today backed in India by IPA’s strong sales and service network.


Trakblaze has a wide range of train & truck weighing systems & High Speed Weigh in Motion (HSWIM) systems, for dynamic train weighing, static train weighing, portable train weighing, dump truck weighbridges & weighing systems and WIM traffic data collection systems.
Customers include mining companies, railway operators, freight companies and rail vehicle maintenance workshops. IPA has partnered with Trakblaze to offer sales and service across India in train & truck weighing systems.
IPA has been appointed as the partner to sell, install and maintain imotion rail and road weighing systems in India.