case study of Midas Rubber Pvt Ltd

How to avoid wastage – A Midas touch

Midas Rubbers, a Tread Rubber manufacturer in Kerala has a recurring problem. The weight of tread rubber when cut to the correct length from the production line sometimes did not conform to the specifications which were resulting in about 20% wastage. The company approached IPA to engineer a solution to this problem. IPA engineers observed that just at the extrusion stage if the extrudate conforms to the limits of weight per unit length you need not have to wait till the final cutting stage to determine its quality. So an ‘Online Weighing System’ was designed where in strategically placed load cells just after the extruder helps to indicate the weight per unit length of the extrudate which allows the operator to adjust the thickness to match the requirements. Thus the strict control of the parameters helped in to totally eradicate wastage of material at the very end of the production line.



The Online Weighing Solution

The Running Scale system comprises of rollers to support the smooth running of extrusion over that, as well as four load cells strategically placed at the four corners of the table structure and connected to a display panel. The display will show the weight per meter measurement continuously while the extrusion is moving over the rollers at a consistent set speed. Upper & lower tolerance limits may be set in the panel such that the indicators will show danger light when the measured value is close to / exceeds any limit. There is an audible alarm also to alert the operator in case of any breach in limits. This will help the operator to set the thickness correctly at the beginning itself. The set value and measured value are shown by an LED display. The system is placed between the extruder which pushes the material and conveyer belt which pulls the material out.

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The Online Weighing Solution

Derived Benefits

  • Elimination of wastage is the major advantage due to ‘Online Weighing.
  • Reduction of manpower required to constantly check the thickness and managing the wastage.
  • Precision weight at correct length of the material.
  • Increase in production due to elimination of wastage results in large savings & optimum capacity utilization.

Midas Rubbers – A Satisfied Customer

The Online Weighing Solution clearly helped the Midas Rubbers to eliminate their production waste which resulted in increased production volume. It also ensured right quality level for their Tread Rubber product and one of the major factors which helped them to improve their market share.