IPA offers a wide range of weighing solutions among which Crane Scale stands out as one of the rugged, accurate indigenous product- for which we had a patent. We are among the leading crane scale manufacturers in the country of India and abroad. Starting from a capacity of 500Kg hook on crane scales finds its applications in ship building, material handling, manufacturing, etc., where material has to be weighed on the go. Crane scale is hooked on to the lifting mechanism such as a crane or a hoist and the crane scales hook lifts the material that is to be transferred. Simultaneously the weight/load is displayed while the material is being carried.This ensures that another operation of weighing is avoided.We also deal with wireless loadcells…click here to know more- http://straightpoint.com/
Our crane scale features:
• RED LED 50mm display with a visual range upto 30 meters.
• Remote Tare – upto 20 meters of remote operation.
• Power saving mode – automatic switch off after 30-100 seconds (programmable).
• Capacities upto 80T.